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oraimo SpacePods x Burna Boy ANC True Wireless Earbuds-Moonlight Edition

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KES 35000 KES 35000

BT 5.2-Simultaneous

35.5-Hr Long Playtime

PE2.0 & QC3.0 Compatible

8-Hr Playtime

48 hours standby time

IPX5 Sweat Resistant

Ergonomic Earbuds



Product Parameters:

Product Name:True Wireless Earbuds
Market Name: SpacePods
Logo: oraimo X Burna Boy
USP: Tuned for Afrobeat by Burna Boy
Burna Boy Specially Tuned | Burna Boy Voice Prompt | Unique Lunar Design | Active Noise Cancellation



Product Features:

Unique Lunar Design
Burna Boy Specially Tuned
Burna Boy Exclusive Voice Prompt
Active Noise Cancellation
Transparency for Ambient Sound
oraimo Sound APP Intelligent Control

35.5-hour Long playtime
Google Pop-up Notification
Find Your Earbuds
IPX5 Waterproof & Sweat Protection

Crafted to Perfection by oraimo and Burna Boy
After dozens of times of fine carving, polishing and tuning, SpacePods is born to take you on journey enjoying endless Afrobeat charm.

A Diamond in The Rough
Out of this world, the material that is used for the SpacePods inspired by concrete and moon. Every touch transports you to feel the rough’s beauty.

Slide to Illuminate
As you slide to open the cover, a ring light awakens, illuminating your path to Afrobeat world.

Forever Cemented in Brilliance.
Under the warm touch of sunlight, the inner shell reveals Burna Boy's signature. This is a mark of his commitment to the music that fuels your soul.

Premium Afrobeat Listening Mode
Burna Boy Specially Tuned

After almost a year of collaboration between Grammy Award winner Burna Boy and the oraimo audio team, an unique Afrobeat tuning mode has been created, committing to give music enthusiasts an unparalleled experience of Afrobeat's depth and richness. You can vibe to Afrobeat like never before.

Explore Afrobeat in oraimo Sound App

*Scan to download or search for it on the App Store/Google Play.

“Music is inspirational, sounds are infinite and, like water, it has no enemy. Music lifts and heals a broken spirit. I've experienced it, and now, so will you!"


Burna Boy

Burna Boy Exclusive Voice Prompt
Accompanies You When Jaming

Tap the high-sensitivity sensor to switch the different listening modes and hear Burna Boy's exclusive voice prompt—— it feels like he's talking to you!

"Noise cancellation"
"Game Mode"


Active Noise Cancellation
Immersive in Private Listening Oasis

oraimo's advanced ANC system can provide a quiet and immersive condition, let you experience the true tranquility and purity.

*For better noise cancellation, choose the ear tips that fit your ears to enhance passive noise reduction.


Transparency Mode
Lets in Ambient Sound

Transparency Mode lets you stay aware of what is going on around you, or carry out a short conversation without removing the earbuds.

Exclusive HavyBass™ Algorithm
Powerful Beat and Deep Bass

10mm dynamic drivers and composite diaphragms take every frequency to the next level. HavyBass™ exclusive algorithm to deliver powerful bass. With a 0.006mm ultra-thin diaphragm, you'll discover even more intricate details and nuances in your favorite tunes.

Long Battery Life
Up to 35.5-hour Playtime

oraimo SpacePods offers 8.5 hours of power after a full charge, with the charging case providing an additional 27 hours to keep you going throughout the days. A 10-minute quick charge provides up to 170-minute battery life.

8.5 hours             35.5 hours
Single Charge      Total Playtime

Google Pop-up Notification
Open and Pair Instantly

It supports automatic fast pairing with Pop-up notification between oraimo SpacePods and your Google devices.

* Your device must be Android 6.0 or above and supports Google Play service.

Find Your Earbuds
Earbuds Missing? Find Them Easily

oraimo SpacePods supports the Find My Device feature when used with Android 6.0 or later on both your phone and tablet, and when Google Play services are supported.

IPX5 Waterproof & Sweat Protection
Not afraid of Water and Sweat

Featured with IPX5 waterproof rating and nano coating, splashes and sweat won't stop the music playing.

* Water and sweat proof is only available for earbuds and not for charging case.

Low-latency Game Mode
Audio and Video Sync in Moment

Featuring Bluetooth 5.2 and Game Mode, you can emerge in your game with audio and video sync in seconds.

Antibacterial Eartips
A More Hygienic Choice

Specially made oraimo eartips can greatly reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal infections.


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Oct 29, 2023


Nice device but I think 35k is alot!

Reviewed by Erick Verified

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Oct 26, 2023


Excellent output

Reviewed by MBO Verified

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Oct 21, 2023

Spacepods just the Best. Still saving for one though

This is not just a litsening Device....its a masterpiece from Oraimo. Wow..just wow!!.

Reviewed by Christopher Verified

Helpful? (0) (0)
Oct 17, 2023

One of a kind

Awesome experience, Oraimo exploring experience

Reviewed by Victor Verified

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