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oraimo PowerSolar 76 15W Solar Home Power System

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900 Lumens Brightness

15W Fast Charging Solar Panel

Power the Small Home Appliance

3 Ports for Phone Charging

10-year Lifespan LiFePO4 Battery

PowerSolar 76 OPS-176


🎁 This model supports mpesa payment and enjoys a 2% discount on prepayments.

Product Parameters:

Power Solar:

Battery Capacity: 12.8V/6Ah (76.8Wh)

Battery Type: LiFePO4

Input: 18V/1A 18W(Max)

Output(USB-A): 5V/2.4A (Max)

Output(Type-C): 5V/2A (Max)

Output(DC5521): 12V/2A(Max)

Total Output: 24W (Max)

Illumination Time*: 

1 tube light: 45 hours; 

2 tube lights: 22 hours; 

3 tube lights: 15 hours.

*The above data is based on the testing of the PowerSolar 76 (OPS-176) Battery Control Unit by oraimo Lab.

Model: OPS-176


Power Rates: 

Low-speed mode: 850 RPM-5W

Normal-speed mode: 1050 RPM-8W

Turbo-speed mode: 1150 RPM-10W

Motor: Brushless DC motor 

Max Power: 10W±1w

Max Motor Current: Less than 1.3A

Safety Voltage: 9-18V

Blade: 3 rotating blades

Air Speed: Max 5m/s

*oraimo Lab test result

Model: LD-722


NOTE: PowerSolar 76 is attached with a 3-speed mode standing fan, which can be powered by PowerSolar 76.


Product Features:

Power Your Home with Solar Energy

Effortlessly install the Battery Control Unit and Solar Panel to gain a reliable source of power for lighting, mobile devices, and small appliances like standing fans. Step into a brighter, greener future in the comfort of your home.

900 Lumens LED Tube Lights

Goodbye, Darkness

The three comprehensive LED tubes consume the stored sunlight energy and add light to your home in power outages. 900 lumens tubes provide a decent and constant bright, lighting up your stores, barns, sheds, and gyms, and you pay zero for electricity.


Brightness of the Tube Lights: 900 Lumens

90X Brighter Than A Kerosene Lamp

LED Lifespan: 50000 Hours


The Illumination Time Supported by PowerSolar 76:

1 tube light: 45 hours

2 tube lights: 22 hours

3 tube lights: 15 hours

*oraimo Lab test results

3W Wall Light

Ensuring Lights Stay on 365 Days A Year

The Battery Control Unit of PowerSolar 76 can serve as a wall light during emergency. It offers three brightness levels—high, medium, and low. It comes with a metal wall bracket for easy mounting.

3 Ports for Phone Charging

A Robust Charging Hub for Multiple Devices

There are 2 USB ports and 1 Type-C port on the Battery Control Unit for simultaneously charging 3 devices. It juices up not only smartphones but also your powerbanks, earbuds, etc. The attached groove design allows you to properly place your mobile phone while charging.

A Standing Fan with 3-Speed Mode

Eco-smart and Efficient Solution for Your Cooling Needs

The oraimo Standing Fan features 3-speed modes for customized cooling. With wind speeds of up to 5m/s, it provides a refreshing breeze in any setting. Powered by a long-life brushless DC motor, this fan runs for up to 15 hours on low speed when connected to the PowerSolar 76.


The running time of the fan that powered by PowerSolar 76:

Low-speed Mode: Up to 15 Hours

Medium-speed Mode: Up to 10 Hours

Turbo-speed Mode: Up to 8 Hours

*oraimo Lab test results

Fast Recharge in 2 Ways

Up to 15% Faster Recharge Efficiency

The PowerSolar 76 Control Unit can be fully recharged in 4-6 hours via solar panel or 4 hours with an AC adaptor. Besides, the 15W polycrystalline Solar Panel, with an aluminum frame, has a 25-year service life and safeguards the battery from overcharging, overvoltage, discharge, and reverse polarity.

10-year Lifespan LiFePO4 Battery

Maintenance-free for A Decade

Using the same chemical makeup as premium electric vehicle-grade battery cells, the Battery Control Unit of Power Solar 76 has an expected lifespan of around 3000 cycles, which is 10 times more than the other Brand's Control Unit. This solar home power system can be safely used for approximately 10 years based on once-a-day usage.

Multiple Interfaces

Rapid Input, Powerful Output

Input: 18V/1A 18W(Max)

Solar Pannel / AC Charging Input

Output(USB-A): 5V/2.4A (Max)

Charging Mobile Devices

Output(Type-C): 5V/2A (Max)

Charging Mobile Devices

Output(DC5521): 12V/2A(Max)

Powering the Tube Lights

What's In the Box?

Battery Control Unit x1

Solar Panel with a 6-meter wire x1

5-meter light tube x3

USB charging cable x1 (Free with package)

Hook x6

Metal Wall Bracket x1

AC Adaptor(Optional) x1

2 Year Warranty

The Solar Panel and the Battery Control Unit of Power Solar 76unit is backed by a two-year warranty. Please keep your receipt, the terms and conditions of warranty only apply to original purchase of oraimo products. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or any damage caused by misuse of product. 

*Warranty is limited to the core product. oraimo standing fan, AC adaptor and LED tube light included are covered under 1-year warranty.

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May 19, 2024

Power solar 76 15W solar home

If you have been looking for constant power supply you ave arrived this oraimo solar does a marvellous job enough lighting with the 3 lumens led lights enough charging ports for your devices and a 38.4Wh battery control unit . not forgetting the amazing gift the fan thank you oraimo

Reviewed by Don Verified

Helpful? (0) (0)
May 01, 2024

Very good product

The home lighting system is very reliable

Reviewed by Dan Andolo Verified

Helpful? (0) (0)
Apr 22, 2024

Perfect for Powering My Workshop Tools

I use it in my small workshop where power consistency is crucial. It's powerful enough to run my basic tools, and the clean energy is a bonus for my green workshop initiative. The system runs quietly, which is great for maintaining a peaceful work environment.

Reviewed by David Verified

Helpful? (0) (0)
Apr 21, 2024

Dependable Energy Source for Emergencies

After experiencing a prolonged power outage, I decided to purchase the Oraimo PowerSolar 76 system. It's been an incredibly dependable energy source during emergencies. The solar charging is efficient, and the battery capacity is sufficient to last through extended no-power periods. A solid investment for peace of mind.

Reviewed by Brian Verified

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Apr 20, 2024

Superb Kit for Camping and Outdoor Activities

The Oraimo PowerSolar 76 is not just for home use - it's excellent for camping trips! It's lightweight and portable, so carrying it to our campsite was no problem at all. It provided us with more than enough power to light our camp and charge gadgets. It's definitely a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts.

Reviewed by Peter Verified

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PowerSolar 76 15W Solar Home Power System